"It's All Good"

True Hip-Hop's Most Ambitious
Album in years...

  • "Greenie is an unusually skilled up-and-coming rap star..." - Rap Weekly Magazine
  • "Greenie is an unusually skilled up-and-coming rap star..." - Rap Weekly Magazine

Greenie Debuted On The Amazon.Com East Coast & Old School Style Hip-Hop Charts at #22 !

"Like Eminem, Greenie pulls no punches when it comes to certain topics, be it the examination of America s war tactics in Real Terrorism, confronting a racist father in My Son, The Schvartze, or the lyrical skewering of Judeo-Christian ethics in Already In Heaven. However, happy endings are hard to come by in Eminem s world, whereas Greenie seems intent on working towards them, no matter how painful the process might be."

- (Jason Randall Smith, ReviewYou.Com)

Krs-One Presents...

...an artist who spent most of his life with an impediment so severe that it was nearly impossible for him to even speak.

Now Greenie inspires audiences internationally as a public speaker and just happens to spit raps that are so ridiculously profound, he attracted the attention of one of history's greatest emcees: Blastmaster Krs-One.

A desperate housewife jerked Greenie off into her unsuspecting husband's dinner salad while the poor man worked.

The Planned Parenthood doctor who gave him a vasectomy ordered him to send a sample for testing after 20 ejaculations...so he told his girlfriend he has a medical prescription for her to get out 21 loads...New Jersey cops beat him up for drug dealing yet he's never sold drugs in his life. He can take out almost any emcee in a battle. He's from Queens, New York but he lives in a rural Floridian swamp area now (much like Shrek!)...Greenie's been dirt poor. He's been filthy rich. He was happily married. He was tragically divorced. He was raised by a drug-addicted older sister with a penchant for suicide yet now he raises his own children completely sober... In 2010, Krs-One, the "teacha" took Greenie on as the most unique...and gifted apprentice EVER...

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"It's ALL Good" is one of the hottest online pre-selling hip-hop albums EVER! KRS-ONE, has brought together more than a half dozen other hip-hop legends including DJ Kenny Parker, Jesse West, P. Diddy's Hitmen (Sean C & LV), Busy Bee, and more! The album debuts a powerful, unique emcee from whom consciousness pours: Greenie.