Track # 7 - Already In Heaven
Lyrics by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Track produced by: Sean C. & LV of P. Diddy's "Hitmen"
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded & Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City
Mastered by: Trace Thomas,

FUCK YOU, Holy Man- I'm getting this shit off..
It started at birth, you took a piece of my dick off..
I cried as it ripped off, I ain't made that decision..
..about circumcision---or my own religion..
You gave me a talis, you gave me a yamlake..
Why don't you give me back my foreskin for Chanukah??
Sh'ma, Yis'Rael, Ado-Noy, El-Oh-Hay-Noo!?!?!?
No disrespect, but I'm a choose who I'ma pray to..
I'm breakin' bullshit rules and I'm goin' to heaven..
Partyin' on Sabbath and I'm already in heaven..
I ain't listenin' rabbi, you don't know his plan..
'Cuz you created God in the image of man...

I'm livin' in sin, Father-- I confess-- PLEASE FORGIVE ME..
We're not married yet--and oh my God-- she lives with me!
God don't give a fuck if you're married or divorced..
Marriage is human law, it ain't got a divine source..
You think in colonial days, you got us to behave?
[Nah]--them women [only] stayed married 'cuz they wuz fuckin' they slaves..
Ducks mate for life and their commitment ain't phony..
..but you ever seen a duck have a wedding ceremony?!?
I said screw the marriage vows and I'm goin' to heaven..
I divorced my wife and I'm already in heaven..
Don't lecture me, don't know his plan..
'Cuz you created God in the image of man..

God invents orgasms, you invent abstinence..
You call sex a sin--and look at what's happened since..
How much sexual dysfunction plagues the masses?
How many priests stuck their dicks in little boys' asses?
Sexual suppression leads to rape and aggression..
It makes Catholic men solicit the hooking profession..
So here's my confession-- I LOVE God's creation..
I won't burn in hell for ejaculation!!!
I'm shootin' all the loads I want and I'm goin' to heaven..
Oh my fuckin' God----------I'm already IN heaven..
I ain't hearin' you, Reverend-- you don't know his plan..
--You created God in the image of man..

How you gonna look me in my face and sing "Amazing Grace?"
--but if I make a mistake--- "eternity's a fiery place?!?"
You ain't got no power that ain't in me too, Priest...
Christ was a Jew and he came to me too, Priest..
---he said the same to me too, Priest....I just interpret it differently..
through absolute grace we can heal ourselves instantly..
Damnation?--That wont happen -- no matter what you insist--
Jesus didn't say eternal hell exists!
I'm forgiving my own sins and I'm going to heaven..
I don't believe in hell so I'm already in heaven..
I ain't trust you, Father, you couldn't know his plan..
..when you created God in the image of man..

God is perfect love -- She don't get angry or vengeful..
She ain't like a parent who would threaten to end you..
..and she wont ever condemn you--- evil cannot exist...
...outside of the human mind....I ain't no atheist...
..but what makes YOU theology...and what makes THEM mythology..
Why is someone crazy if they believe astrology?
Christ defied biology and you call Islam crazy?!?
Religious wars and bullshit do not cease to amaze me...
I love God without religion and I'm going to heaven..
..earin' meat on Friday and I'm already in heaven!
Don't lecture me, Pastor, you couldn't know his plan.. created God in the image of man..


I'm available to do this jam at your local church, template, or synagogue..
...and if this jam offends you...ask yourself..

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