Track # 14 - Cum Dicky, Cum
Lyrics & Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Track Produced by: Frederick Seymour
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded at: KDS Studios, Orlando, Florida
Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City & KDs Studios, Orlando, Florida
Mastered by: Trace Thomas,

First Chorus
Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
My jimmy hat is on and I'm gonna have fun...
when I cum dicky cukm dicky dicky cum cum
but... I might get her pregnant if you just leave one...

First Verse
1 kid, 2 kids, rubbers ain’t protectin’ me
Nurse, thas' why I’m here askin you about vasectomies……
I-I-I got some questions… how will this impact erections?
how long till I ain’t gotta wear no mo protection?
When my fluid’s empty… will nice booties still tempt me?
Will I still shoot further than the  eye can see..?
Am I gonna feel different after I’ve ejaculated?
Will my balls look deflated? Is this like bein’ castrated?
Am I gone be left scarred? Will I still be able to get it hard?
on and by the way---do y'all accept major credit cards?
--I got visa and mastercard—Why's your laughter’s hard? Let's get past this part, since there's no after scars..
What's gonna change? Will my nuts feel strange..?
What’s going to happen to my long shootin’ range?
I ask if I’ll be sore she, smiles and reassures me…
the guys who CAME before me… are still jus as horny and…

Second Chorus
Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
--- then hurry up and do it nurse it’s gotta get done..
when I cum dicky cukm dicky dicky cum cum
'Cuz I might get her pregnant if you just leave one...

Second Verse
So now Nurse Meryl  goes to get Dr. Gerald…
he promises no peril... he’s gonna  make me sterile..
Anasthesia gets me tipsy, Gerald starts to snip me..
I’m prayin he don’t rip me—please don’t hurt my _____
but he does a quickie---there's a flex of his wrist...
THERE’S A SNIP AND A TWIST--..Doc—am I  fixed??
I see stars floatin--- Is anything broken?
Nothing ..I’m hopin ? Am I really impotent?
No more pulling out?     No more being nervous?
Nothing will happen if I soak her  cervix?!!?!!?
What do you mean “NO”?!?—I gotta empty my tank..!?!?
and get it all out before im shootin… blanks..
--My sperm’s still ample???—'till I  shoot  20 samples..??
...That's something I can handle !! —I'm goin' home and lightin' candles...
Hey baby, look the doctor gave me a script..
21 times you gotta play with my dick .an make it...........

Third Chorus
Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
So hurry up and do it girl, it’s gotta get done…
Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
Cuz we ain’t done till ya hit 21... 

Third Verse
Let’s start the induction, u don’t need sleep..—you’ll function..
how strong’s your suction? We got medical instructions!
Come on.. sexy math wiz—We can't multiply with this jizz...
When we get done, we can screw and have NO kids..!
I’m a put 3 on the pillow—an 4’ll hit the sheets..
10 on yo face.. I got 2  fo yo feet..
I got 1 for ‘dem butctheeks…and one fer yer belly
Let’s keep going till its clear  as KY jelly…
till we know it’s a safe bet, and even if it ain’t yet
u can do a taste test—I’m a get yo face wet…
I can’t even feel my cut…— I’m happy with my nuts --…
… my new jizz can still seal yo eyes shut! !
It ain’t even runny ! LOOK ! It’s thick as honey…
it’ll dry how u like it right.. there...on your tummy !
My new baby batter.. shoots and splatters…
(but) all dat  matters.....It wont  make yo (tummy) fatter..when I.....

Fourth Chorus
Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
Hurry up and do it girl we passed..  21
I’m a Cum dicky cum dicky dicky cum cum
but you can still get can still get pregnant..
...If we just leave ONE...


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