Track # 12 - Freestyle # 2
Lyrics & Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Backup Vocals: The 352 Boyz
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded at: KDS Music Studios, Orlando, Florida
Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City
Mastered by: Trace Thomas,

2010 - I'm ready to hit hard, on the mic like a spitgaurd...
Just standin' here kickin' it with Willie and with Todd...
It's off the top of the head--you know-- like losin' a do rag..
Willie B is by my side--- he's got my back like a bookbag..
I'm stealin' the spotlight like a lyrical carjack..
..My girl's in the studio; She got my back like a brastrap !
My rhymes are like worms...the way they survive.. cut one of them in half...and it's...still....LIVE...
My album's got mad hooks, I burn emcees like a bad cook...
Gettin' busy like a rotary... OFF THE HOOK !
I got more dates than your daily planner, more juice than Tropicana
Emcees today are faker than Santa---about as real as 30 inches of snow in Atlanta...
While I'm droppin' hits like acid---YOU can't come hard--cuz you flaccid..
It's me on 14 KRS tracks--- DO THE MATH, KIDS !!!


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