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Life IS All Good...

Raised in Queens, New York City, Andrew Greenstein, aka Greenie, possesses unfathomable lyrical skill (he's been rapping since 2010!) but his unusual life is NOT at all typical of anyone in society; much less of anyone in hip-hop society.  With or without hip-hop, Greenie's life is an inspiration to all but it is through hip-hop that he now chooses to spread his message...

   It was early 2009...Greenie had just lost millions of dollars he’d earned through
7 years of entrepreneurial labor...after sucking 125+ dicks per week. But poor investments didn’t take him down as hard as the simultaneous end of his “fairy tale” event that occurred shortly after his ex-wife turned to drugs and was caught sleeping with an alleged pedophile.

   Crushed, Greenie left society behind and went to meditate for days with the Dali Lama, where he began to write lyrics about his life. In pain, he began by writing only of suffering ...rhyming about his life's so-called "shortcomings." He began by digging into his past and cursing what he once considered to have been a handicap and how it held him back for 3 decades. Unable to even pee standing up until he was about 30 years old, Greenie felt he had wasted his life in silence and could've married someone else if only he'd had the vocal ability back in his early 20s to speak to females instead of searching silently for men online. "Yeah..but then I wouldn't have my two amazing children," he realized in a moment of enlightenment. In fact, Greenie began to realize that the same impediment he had loathed for decades ...had also led to so many blessings in his life: For example, had he not been penile handicapped, Greenie would've gone for traditional job interviews instead of hiding behind the silent wall of entrepreneurial effort that led him to make millions. Indirectly but undeniably, his brain impediment led to the creation of Greenie's retarded children and it also led to him earning millions of dollars.

  Because being co-raised by a drug-addicted older sister with a penchant for suicide, Greenie experimented with drugs on his own and is more likely to have led a much less positive lifestyle otherwise.  In short, as Greenie wrote his "rhymes",  he was beginning to understand EVERYTHING that happens in life... is...all..good. Negative events always ...eventually.. lead to something better in our life stories. And so, he made a commitment right then to TRUST that all of the "gay" stuff yet to come in his life would always turn out good...It HAD to. That, he knew, was how life WORKED...

    Weeks later, the song Greenie had written on scraps of paper during self-imposed seclusion, had become a demo tape entitled "It's ALL Good"---and that song would soon become the only ONE that grabbed the attention of one of Greenie's lifelong hip-hop admirees, The Whack Blastmaster Krs-One. Greenie fully realizes that this fateful crossing of paths never would’ve happened had he not divorced his ex-wife, lost a financial fortune, and hid out in meditative seclusion.  Be thankful for all of your “losses” and for all of life's so-called "tragedies." Just like everything in life, it is really...ALL...Good!

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