Track # 9 - Married Girl 3462
Lyrics by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Freespeak by: A. Greenstein (Greenie) and Busy Bee
Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)  & Busy Bee
Track Produced by: DJ Kenny Parker
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded & Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City & KDS Studios, Orlando, Fl


Dear MarriedGirl3462,
It’s been almost day since I last fucked you..
an’ I like dat new fantasy.. …that skirt with no panties..he....
ain’t gonna know shit –when you take his ass to the movies…
I’m a be in the back  –tell yo man u gotsta pee..
when his dumb ass ain’t lookin’--- sneak back to me..
sit yo ass on my lap..and whisper “skip all the crap”
how long till he wonders where the fuck his wife’s at…?!?
You’ll be moanin’ in my ear how u ain’t got this at home..  
I’ll be runnin’ my tongue on ‘dem  erogenous zones..
(hehe) he looks so clueless ---while we’z makin’ this hot porn..
Now stick it in the box and I’m a butter that popcorn...


Dear Married girl 3462 …
I dunno know if I can keep doin’ this with you…
It’z kinda weird that u dont' even feelin’ guilty..
You said if he catches us he’ll kill you and kill me…
but I did like Chili’s—I’z at the table next to you…
He looked at that menu and asked what he can get for you!?!?
but I was all set for you..when u told him u hadta pee..
then snuck out to the car for a quickie with Busy Bee..
(and) I like that time we started at 3 o clock
and I teased u till 6 before u even got cock..
at 6:01 you almost came but then I ….stopped..
and kept  you at  the edge ‘till after 8 o’clock..
an he was comin’ home at 9 so I knew I hadta stop…  
you came at 8:58---that wuz so fuckin’ hot..


Dear MarriedGirl3642,
Whachu mean what WE gonna do?
It ain’t my fault he’s suspicious of you…
u said ‘he’z asleep’ when I left ˝ past 2..
-- I even asked you before we fucked in your kitchen…
if he'll hear you groan as soon as my dicks in…
u naughty vixen… these crimes that we riskin’..
jus’ make us want more—iz a fucked up addiction..
yer lil kitten’s—my drug—so’s yer crack..
and I’m a fill yo vile when I stick it in the back..
--our lives are so off track..— you take chances too often......
like when you fed him that salad that you jerked me off in!

Dear Married girl 3642..
whatchu u mean ‘da crazy bastard caught you..?!?!
why’z u emailin me if u scared u could die..
call 911 –if he’s planning his suicide…
Whachu mean u scared he’ll commit  homicide..?!?!?
who’s gonna tell yo kids how the fuck they momma died?
It's YOUR fault slut, If I get my balls cut… 
Thas how it is bitch, I’m out-
All dem weeks u been doubtin him, u coulda tried arousin’ him>
role played yer sick fantasies  or gone for fuckin counselin’
...why ain’t u tell him thachu wanted
to get yo ass licked…… I woudn’t gotta worry ‘bout getting MY ass kicked!!?!
It’s classic---erase all these emails ..just... lose all my details bitch
I'm done screwing married females...

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