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KRS-ONE's Apprentice Greenie In The News

Diddy’s HitMen Provide Music For Krs-One /
Greenie Album’s Title Track


It is confirmed that Sean C & LV, part of Diddy’s HitMen Production team have provided two beats—including the title track for Krs-One’s highly controversial project with new artist, Greenie. The album “It’s All Good” has been completed and mixed and is now pre-selling at KrsOneAlbum.Com with a confirmed ship date of June 30th.  Sean C & LV provided an epic, dramatic track for the song “It’s All Good”—in which Greenie twists his life story into an inspirational tale for all to turn their own pains into triumphs as well as a hard, driving beat for “Already In Heaven,” a highly controversial track in which Greenie denounces world religions declaring such things as “I’m forgiving my own sins and I’m already IN heaven” and “How much sexual dysfunction plagues the masses? How many priests stick they dicks in little boys’ asses?”  Other major producers contributing to the KRS/Greenie album include but are not limited to:  DJ Kenny Parker, Jesse West, and TJ/Sidekicks. Never before in the history of hip-hop has a new artist received so much attention and high-end production credit on his first CD. The Greenie album is said to be “one of hip-hop’s most entertaining productions in decades.”


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