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KRS-ONE's Apprentice Greenie In The News


The Blastmaster Brings In A League of Classic Artists
To Share The Mic With "Greenie"

     Hip-Hop legend KRS-ONE has taken on a unique project: The man who brought us some of hip-hop's most profound messages is now the executive producer of a 16 Track CD by new artist "Greenie"—a White, Jewish rapper with a one-of-a-kind style and more than 2 decades of experience on the mic. Greenie, aka Andrew Greenstein, has top-notch lyrics, unique themes, and a powerful, intelligent style with stories that are relevant to all audiences and an old school flavor sure to be loved by classic hip-hop fans and newcomers alike. Work on Greenie's CD began late in '09 and is expected to be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.

    Of course, the Blastmaster, would never put his name on any project nor associate himself with any artist who wasn't worthy. Greenie's CD, tentatively entitled "It's All Good," includes uniquely powerful tracks dissing societal structure, politics, religion, white kids who think they can "get over" on cops due to their skin color, and much more.  KRS-ONE has reportedly said that "Greenie is hip-hop" because not only are his rhymes top-notch, but his realistic stories are powerful and heartfelt. Featuring the kinds of messages hip-hop has been missing for years, Greenie "brings something new to the table."  For example, one of the CD's most innovative tracks, "My Son, The Schvartze" deals with racism in the White community examining how White parents try to train their kids to become racists—in an entertaining, realistic---and open way : "Dear Dad, thanks for helping my career go nowhere//You said if black kids go there//I can't do a show there?!!?//But I ain't wanna sit there with your bagels and eat lox//While my sister was in detox//I wanted to bitch to a beat box//so I'd put in my Reebox and WBLS//and wait for Marley Marl to spin Slik Rick & Dougie Fresh//La-Di-Da-Dee, Why can't I rhyme at the party?//Cuz you a racist pig and you piss off everybody?//You wuz really scared shitless, ain't that a fact, Beryl?// What would you have done if I brought home a Black girl?"

     KRS-ONE appears on approximately 3-5 of the CD's tracks and various other old school artists make appearances as well. It is rumored that Busy Bee performs a comical yet educational role and that Greenie and KRS-ONE have gotten together with several other classic hip-hop artists as well. Music production credits are likely to include Jesse West, Sean C & LV, DJ Kenny Parker, and others..

     Unlike so many other hip-hop artists today, Greenie doesn't spend all of his time whining about life's hardships; Like his title track "It's All Good" demonstrates, life can be difficult---VERY difficult---but there is a REAL way—a STREET way even—to turn EVERY negative into a positive. Describing his childhood from getting beat up in Queens constantly ["It ain't matter that I'z dope, no one cared that I'z live//White kids weren't allowed to rap back in '85"]…to being raised by his drug-addicted older sister…to his speech handicap---and a disasterous marriage, Greenie demonstrates how he not only got back on his feet---but turned all of his life's "issues" into positive, important parts of who he is. So is his new CD, to be released early in May, really "All Good?" KRS-ONE is standing behind Greenie as are many other artists—what do YOU think?!!?


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