KRS-ONE presents "It's All Good" - The Project
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" album thatís not for the faint of heart..."
--Ron Grant, for Brooklyn Bodega Blogazine

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KRS and Greenie at Skyline Studios in New York CityIt was a very personal song written during a week-long meditative silence as one man left society to ponder life after sudden financial devastation and a messy divorce...It was a song that would carry a simple message to tens of thousands of people: It truly is..ALL..GOOD.. That message, that song as a demo...would then lead that same emcee to cross paths with a man whom he'd admired for decades--Krs-One. Read more about how history was made when Greenie learned that it really is ALL good...

It's the first time in the hip-hop history that KRS-ONE has done anything quite like this: He's executive produced an entire 14 track CD for another artist while coaching, training, & taking that artist under his wing as an apprentice. What makes the project even more unique is that KRS has lined up classic hip-hop icons to provide beats, produce individual tracks, and perform cameos. Among the legends contributing to this project are De La Soul's Maseo, Jesse West, Busy Bee, & Sean C/ LV.  

KRS-ONE in recording session with GreenieRecorded primarily at Skyline Studios in New York City, the album's lyrics were written over a one year span with the tracks laid down during nearly half of that. Greenie's hard work, talent, and HEART have gone into making a very personal, powerful, and heartfelt album filled with UNIQUE jams, sick beats, and top-notch rhymes. Click here to view the album's tracks,
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