Track # 5 - Real Terrorism
Lyrics by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie) and L. Parker (Krs-One)
Track produced by: Jesse West (3rd Eye)
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded & Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City
Mastered by: Trace Thomas,

Dear Uncle Sam, I hope they bump this jam..
It ain’t jus’ about Iraq—or ‘dat shit in Iran..
‘dem civilians you (done) killed in Afghanistan..
who wuzn’t even part of no Taliban..
who wuz u rapin back in Viet NAM??
Who wuz u killin out in Pakistan..??
Whachu done did to ‘dem Afri-CAHNS..???
or the genocide you did to ‘dem Indi-AHNS..??
If terrorists just look to kill civil-YAHNS..
Then why you done killed over a MILL-YAHN..
Hey-- KRS-One, maaahn—c’mon back me?
I mean—if you wuz an Iraqi, would you really be happy? (NOPE!)
with foreigners invading—killin,
shootin, and blastin..
thousandz of civilians—yo—here’s ALL
I’m askin..

Which one, Which One—Which is the REAL Terrorism?
‘da Indian
Genocide or a Taliban Prison?
Which one, Which One—
Which is the REAL Terrorism?
Iraqis who fight back or Bush’s invasion?
Which one, Which One—I say they ALL Terrorism!
Hijackin 200 ------AND the enslavement of millions !

You created terrorism and MADE chemical warfare..
when there’s desutrction on Earth—I just look and, Sam---’re there!
the  propaganda u dropped, the whole worl’ forgot
u gave Indians blankets w/ smallpox…
Tell EM WHAT u did Sam, tell em what you done..
At Bikini Atoll –you wiped out EVERYONE..
Castle Bravo – was a bomb with an explosive force ..
of a 1,000 hiroshimas..and you set  it off..
...near a peaceful (little) sundrenched tropical island..
...erasing and displacing every man, woman and child …   
Who rejected that protocol for biological weapons..?
who refused to sign that treaty banning nuclear testing…
Who’s got  ten thousand nukes, ready to be blasted?
they don’t have a handful, so all that I asked is..

Which one, Which One—Which is the REAL Terrorism?
Bikini Atoll or September 11 ?

Which one, Which One— Which is the REAL Terrorism?
The MyLai Massacre – or a Taliban Prison ?
Which one, Which One—I say they ALL Terrorism!
gassing the Kurds AND wiping out all ‘dem Indians…

March 9th and  (March) 10th 1945…
100,000 Tokyo CITIZENS  lose they lives..
Then in 5 months, u kill ¼ mil more..
Claimin’ thas the only way to end a war..  
Then you create Israel--- as a nuclear state..
While,  the rest of the region can’t even (test) detonate
and if YOU drop a nuke it’s called necessary cause..
 if they drop a nuke, iz called violation of the law..
but  (yo) if I lived in a ‘hood where one family kept all the guns
and hardly any other family had even one..
and the one with the guns pointed at us from they home
me and the neighbors would wanna get some sticks and stones
now I’m not anti American… im just pro peace…
but if u look @ the u.s. and (look at) the middle east..
who’s got all they guns pointed at ‘dem distant lands?
Terrorists don’t throw stones at  Switzerland...


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