Track # 6 - Sign The Prenup
Lyrics by: A. Greenstein (Greenie)
Vocals by: A. Greenstein (Greenie), Nasty Nice, & Katie Conner
Track produced by: L. Parker (Krs-One)
Executive Producers: L. Parker (Krs-One), John Anderson, A. Greenstein
Recorded & Mixed at: Skyline Studios, New York City
Mastered by: Trace Thomas,

Hey baby, welcome back home to my crib..
...only 3 more weeks till dis is where u gonna live..
Now don't get suspicious, but I've done all the dishes..
...and laid out this trail of chocolate kisses...
So hey future misses, before we get in trouble fast..
Follow the path.. to a candlelit--- bubble bath..
Oh--and by the way--your favorite meal is on the stove..
I ain't forgot....I used the garlic AND the cloves...
I got you this pink rose, some new "whachu think!?" clothes...
...under the pillow, tickets to your favorite two shows...
So tell me 'bout your day...I hope it was dope for you...
...after yer done, I got some poetry—I wrote for you..
God, you're sweet...throw on Naz's beats..
..and I'll massage 'yer feet—the way them spas, they treat...
Goddesses like you… Fer less ----you shouldn’t settle..
All around the bed, I wrote your name in rose petals..
We can  talk about the wedding---we can plan all of 'dat stuff...
---but one thing first...YOU GONNA SIGN THIS PRENUP !!!

Put your name on the X--- Put your name on the X--
Put your name on the X before I call you my "ex"--

Sorry ‘bout last night—at least it was fast fight..
Les make the past right –prenup—I wont ask—AIGHT?
We gonna spend the day crazy hot and intimate
I got something planned and I know you gonna be into it..
I'll be whispering erotically, you moanin' "GET ON TOP O' ME.."
...You thinkin' bout how hot it'll be...and right before.. I'm stopping... we...
take-- a break--  I'm a tease and be picky..
LADY, I ain't goin' GAGA--for you to ride my disco stick, see...
You gonna love how we doin' this-- passing the day away..
--buildin' orgasms for you to keep on layaway..
You make sure it stay away.. I'll tell you when it's time..
We can build alotta yours..before we go for mine..
...and when you at that level where them nipples is like pebbles..
I'm a raise your bass---and adjust your treble..
You wanna get off? You wanna cum? You wanna climax?
Here's a prenup and a pen... Initial and sign 'dat...

Put your name on the X--- Put your name on the X--
Put your name on the X before I call you my "ex"--

You gonna sign and be done with this? I ain't havin' fun with this..
You in or your out, gir?- -I'm sorry it's come to this--
I'm a explain this-- take a seat on your anus..
YOU think I'm shameless--but I'm rich and I'm famous...
Don't you act brainless...'cuz it ain't enough..
that you got that C-cup, what I want's a pre-nup..
My thinkin' is co-rrect, I got assets to pro-tect...
You get me e-rect...but cash you wont co-llect
Prenups are like condoms that I can use in court.. my money don't get STD'd--- Stolen Through Divorce..
The prenup is a rubber that protects me from my lover..
Just in case you screw me and you wind up with another..
This one ain't supposed to be "ribbed for YOUR pleasure.."
This one IS supposed to be for ME to keep MY treasure..
You said we'd stay together, right? Always and forever, right?
If you tellin' the truth, then I'm a use this shit NEVER, RIGHT??

Put your name on the X--- Put your name on the X--
Put your name on the X before I call you my "ex"--


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